Reflection & Analysis

Overal this has been an extremely educational and informative project, its a pity there was not more time allotted to project which could be used as a portfolio piece but I feel in general the work I produced was of a reasonably high standard (hopefully). I also feel I have obtained a much deeper understanding of design systems which is particularly useful as Revenue is in the process of undergoing a redesign of some of its core internal systems.

Final Prototype


Should embedded prototype not work please use this link

Subject of choice

After completing the project I feel that my chosen subject was not the best choice. Although it was quite a technical and useful system to redesign I feel it was lacking depth and the opportunity to explore some new areas of design. I have found my design work in the past to be quite rigid and this,  although I feel it was well executed was essentially more of the same. I would have benefited from a topic which had a bit more freedom and room to experiment. I think it was actually mentioned that it was a little boring, which I feel is quite true looking over it now and comparing to some other classmates work.


My approach to the work I felt was better than how I normally in the past approached real-world projects similar to this. It was well structured & researched in depth. The sketching work was, to be honest great to do and very enjoyable. I feel this skillset has improved but needs to either get faster or more free in its style as it is quite time-consuming. That being said it is extremely useful and a skill-set I intended to continue to work on. The research end of the project I may have enjoyed a little too much and spent to much time trying to get to the marrow of what design and a design system is. Although a large amount time was dedicated to it, I feel it is something I will continue with as it has been sorely missing in my work to date and something I struggled with understanding…what makes good design? On a side note I feel the whole course has been beneficial in this area.

Design Systems & Inclusiveness

It’s a huge area and although I feel I have done more than just scratch the surface, I can see there is a lot more to be researched and looked at. I was slow to grasp the use of patterns, even though I thought I understood them, I kept forgetting to apply what I understood. My use and understanding of colour and how it sits within the design system is still not great and I think this can be seen in the final prototype and my use of mood boards. As for inclusive design, the approach  I took of Inclusiveness first worked well for me, I feel it got me about 70% of the way there, but I did have a tendency to rely on it too much, to the extent that I forgot about it at times and had to correct issues late in the day, for examples the settings button on the main menu.


It was a very informative, educational and enjoyable project. It has given me a structure and process to my work which wasn’t there as well as the confidence to approach any project and be able to defend my decisions with clear rationales backed up by research rather than opinion. As well as that I would feel confident educating other to the benefits of design systems and championing them in the workplace.

As for the work being a portfolio piece, I’m not sure but I doubt it, hopefully by the end of the year I will have completed other works which will be stronger and there will not be a need for it.

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